A Little Bit About US...


Country music with little bit of everything is the true theme of Overserved Again. For the past year, Overserved Again has been bringing their blend of country, rock, folk and more all across New England. The band’s captivating, high-energy performances get their audiences moving through musicianship, creativity and tradition. With an extremely wide variety of songs and genres, no two Overserved Again shows are the same. The band is always adding new songs and elements to their performances, which always leads to a fun show. 


The Band is made up of 16 strings, 3 mics, and 2 drumsticks. Up front, we have Luke Papich strumming his heart out and howling like a wolf. His raspy voice adds a timeless sound that compliments the bands vibe perfectly. Braeden MacNeill holds down that smooth bass line while also singing so powerfully they can hear him over in California. Next to them is the 6 string picker Garrett Moloney, who adds his country rock solos and lead guitar licks to the bands sound. They throw a mic in front of him too but turn it down a good bit. When one of the guys is singing, you can bet the other two are singing sweet, sweet harmonies right along with him. Behind them is the man with a beat in his bones and a smile on his face. We'd like to see you try to get Leandro Moro out of rhythm.   



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